ECHO: All-in-One Discord Bot.


Discord bot for server advertising, gain members quickly.

Gain lots of members by advertising your server to all other servers that are doing the same!


Discord bot for applications, let members apply for roles.

Easily create applications for members to fill out and be reviewed by server staff.

Auto Moderation

Discord bot for auto mod, protect your server against spam, raids, nukes, and pings.

Protect your server from advertisements, bots, ghost-pinging, links, nukes, pinging, raids, spamming, and swearing!


Discord bot to backup your entire server.

Backup your entire server with a single command to restore at any time.


Discord bot currency system to earn money.

Entertain your members with a virtual currency system featuring interval earnings, gambling, stealing and more!


Discord bot fun including fast type, tic tac toe, connect 4, rock paper scissors, counting, Chatbot, image manipulation, media of the week, and quote of the day.

Keep your server active and enjoyable with birthdays, chatbot, confessions, counting, games, image manipulation, media of the week, memes, music and quote of the day.


Discord bot customisable giveaway system with hosters and rewards.

Host customisable giveaways up to a month long with one simple command!


Discord bot greeting cards, welcome cards, goodbye cards, messages and embeds.

Welcome and say farewell to members with greeting banners, cards, embeds, direct messages, and more.


Discord music bot streaming.

Keep your voice chats active and entertaining by listening to music with friends!


Discord bot xp, levelling, level up system.

Reward members for their engagement with a XP system featuring channels, multipliers, roles, and more.


Discord bot logging and logs.

Keep your server safe by logging creation, changes and deletion of channels, members, messages, permissions, roles and server options.


Organise your server with customisable pagination: titles, descriptions, authors, footers, thumbnails, and images!


Discord partnership tracking and stats.

Keep track of your partnerships and partnership manager activity with partnership statistics!


Set, remove, and receive reminders via DMs of up to 1 month long!

Self Roles

Discord self role buttons, dropdowns and select menus.

Allow members to pick roles with customisable button and select menu self-roles.

Server Stats

Discord bot server stats.

Display a live feed of your channels, bots, humans, members, and role count using channel names!


Discord bot tickets, support, and transcripts.

Create up to 5 customisable support tickets for your community to get support whenever they need it.


Discord bot twitch notifications, streamer alerts, streaming.

Notify your community whenever you go live on Twitch!


Discord bot captcha verification, block bots, anti raid, auto mod.

Protect against bots, raids, and other security risks with a captcha, verification system!


Discord bot YouTube notifications, posts, alerts, videos.

Notify your community whenever you upload a new video on YouTube!

Are you ready?