Custom Bot

  • 430 Commands
  • 60 Features
  • Active Developer Badge
  • Auto Bump & No Bumps Channel Required
  • Custom About Me, Avatar, Banner, Status & Username
  • Custom Bot Role
  • Instant Delivery
  • One Command to Setup
  • One Million Times Amount Spent Bot Currency
  • No Code & No Hosting Required
  • Priority Ticket Support
  • Two Servers Per Bot
1 Bot2 Bots3 Bots4 Bots5 Bots
£4 Monthly£8 Monthly£12 Monthly£16 Monthly£20 Monthly
£40 Lifetime£80 Lifetime£120 Lifetime£160 Lifetime£200 Lifetime


  • Donator Role
  • One Million Times Amount Spent Bot Currency
  • Personalised Profile Banner
  • Personalised Profile Picture


If you have any questions at all, please open a support ticket in the #support-ticket channel of our Discord.